Learning is Broken

Today, everything is about annual training. Professionals are expected to learn vast amounts of information in a short period with no additional training or reinforcement for months. Healthcare clinicians, Nick Dobrzelecki, MBA, BSN, RN and Antony Chu, MD, MBA, set out to change that.

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“Microlearning is our secret weapon. It optimizes the cognitive process and transforms aspirational learning into actionable real-world results.”


Antony Chu, MD, MBA

Co-founder, Titan Health Corporation

Our Story

The Learnery microlearning platform breaks up complex concepts and delivers them with repetition overtime, so knowledge transfer occurs. It’s just one of many innovations under parent company, Titan Health Corporation – an organization expressly focused on addressing gaps in healthcare.

Our Vision


Change the culture of learning.


Help professionals maximize potential.


Rekindle natural human curiosity.